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    Lent Gets a Plate Lift

    Lent Gets a Plate Lift

    A growing Hispanic Catholic population requires restaurants to look at new twists on old Lenten traditions. Can you spice up your fish offerings without overhauling your menu? Heinz says you can.


    Is your menu ready for the season?

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    mobile payment pioneers

    Whether idling in line or struggling to flag down a server, nothing leaves a bad taste in your mouth like waiting to pay for a meal. Now on the menu: Mobile payment options.

    How to use tableside technology
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    meatless monday

    A government initiative born during World War I, in which Americans were asked to skip meat once a week to provide more protein for troops, has resurfaced as a health and wellness trend at restaurants.

    Sink your teeth in the meatless movement
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Specially marked bottles of Heinz® Ketchup link families to our new mobile game with Trivial Pursuit.

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