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Bring new flavors to your gluten-free menu with soup

With the gluten-free market growing more than 44% between 2011 and 2013, it's no surprise that demand for gluten-free items is higher than ever with continued growth expected.1 But rising right along with the trend have been consumers' expectations of flavor and variety2, so simply offering a few gluten-free choices is not enough. 

Mintel's September 2013 Report says “perceptions of gluten-free foods have moved from being bland, boring substitutes for gluten-containing products to everyday items that appeal to those with and without a gluten allergy.”1 Manufacturers have also stepped up offering larger product variety, better textures, and bigger tastes.

One way that operators can address this demand for a better experience is by marketing their naturally gluten-free menu items in ways that clearly identify them for their gluten-concerned customers. And soup is a prime candidate. It can be made with an endless variety of naturally gluten-free ingredients from beans, vegetables, and meats to rice and “ancient grains” like quinoa. For operators, it's a simple solution for bringing bold, on-trend flavors and greater variety to the gluten-free menu.

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