Heinz Foodservice

Heinz® Premium Salad Vinegar

A specialty vinegar that can be used to enhance the flavor of salads or dressings.

Variety Package Size

74000016 Heinz® Premium Salad Vinegar

Pack/Size: 12 - 12 oz bottles/case
Case Net Wt: 9.48 lbs
Case Gross Wt: 18 lbs
Case Cube: 0.50
Case Size: 12.81" x 7.81" x 8.69"
Cases/Pallet: 120
Cases/Layer: 20
Layers/Pallet: 6


Heinz Premium Salad Vinegar Nutritional Facts
Distilled Vinegar, Sugar And Malt Vinegars, Diluted With water to 5% Acidity.
Shelf life: 46 months